English Introduction

Name of my office

Sumitani Law Office


 Yoichiro Sumitani

 Born in 1974

Education and Legal Qualification

 Graduated from Hitotsubashi University

 Graduated from Legal Research and Training Institute



 Abenobelta bldg 2F #206, 3-10-1Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan



Please talk only in Japanese.



Please send a facsimile only in Japanese or simple English.


 It's connected directly to exit 7 of subway Tanimachi Line Abeno Station.

 It is a 10-minute walk from subway Midosuji Line Tennoji Station,JR Tennoji Statison or KIntetsu Abenobashi Station.

 If you get lost, please call us.


To people from different countries

 In the civil cases such as a traffic accident or the debt rearranging, even a foreign person must cope with a law and trial procedure of Japan.

 I am not good at English reading and writing.

 But I can tell you what you do to slove your legal matters, if you can talk in Japanese.

 If it's hard for you to speak in Japanese,please come to my office together with your acquaintance who can interpret for you.

 Thank you for reading my poor sentence untill the end.